When you get to the top of an organisation or department it can be difficult to find someone with whom you can develop your ideas, share your concerns and manage your weaknesses.

You need a coach!    Someone who can provide you with a sounding board, ask you challenging questions, support you through difficulties, someone without a personal agenda.

We offer expertise in:

  • Executive and Business coaching – to raise self-awareness and to understand personal impact and the inter-relationship between the individual’s role and those of others and how they may improve business performance
  • Career development and coachingworking with the client and individual to explore appropriate future career options

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Case Study: Career development for an HR Director of a manufacturing company

Following a company restructure the HR Director wanted to develop a plan of action which would re-energise him and clarify his personal purpose.   

We met for two hours each month over a period of four months working through his values and motivations; explored and evaluated different options and possible directions; and agreed a final plan of action for the following year.

Key outcomes were:

  • clarity to what really motivated him
  • clarity on what realistic options were possbile or available to him now and in the future
  • a clear goal and plan of action for the next twelve months